Vietnam has reached a shrimp exporting record at the average amount of 4 billion dollars per year and has intention to approach at 10 billion dollars per year in the upcoming five years, which leads to excessive demand in developingshrimp ponds sustainably. In spite of high necessity and significant profit (about 30 – 50%), raising shrimp has experiencedmany potential risks from surrounding environment, food, etc. There have been also significant influences in shrimps harvesting, processing and trading because of testing devices for quality and quantity(QA/QC) in the appropriate amount of time. Otanics is a start-up supplying solutions to assist sustainable shrimp raising and producing based on information technology, Internet of things (IoTs), computer vision, data science, etc. Otanics is invested by wealthy corporations, therefore, we currently own a large number of customers.


Thanks to innovative technology application, the process of raising shrimp eliminates risks and optimizes costs, profits for Vietnamese shrimp farmers, thus helping shrimp sector to stand firmly on the world map as a top quality.


Our roles are to provide shrimp farmers with supporting solutions and tools to accelerate successful crop ratios, and connect with serving value chains such as Shrimp Farmers, banks, insurance and shrimp processing plants.


Being a shrimp farm management system, Tomota plays vital roles as following

Automatic control

Automatically control equipment in ponds such as paddle wheel, feeder, air blower, etc.

Have equipment automated in pond processing suitable for practical condition to eradicate errors of shrimp farmers.

Automatically alert and establish a preventive maintenance protocol when equipment failure happens.

Shrimp pond operation logbook

Provide an electronic shrimp logbook to keep easily and safely.

Permit to review the previous pond process/ action.

Assist with exporting the logbook to certify shrimp quality.

Smart notice

Based on given data by the top professional corporation, the system analyzes and compares with the current data to have early notifications for issues such as environment, levels of development, growth rate, etc.

Help shrimp farmers with resolutions in time.

Inventory management

Keep and show statistics about materials for each pond.

Plan the intention for the next crop.

Cost and profit management

Show statistics, cost and profit forecast of each pond.

Manage and optimize cost and profit.


Provide helpful specialized insights

Have interaction between shrimp farmer and top technological expert

Connect with shrimp farmer community, share knowledge and experience

Work process


Image processing
Use the most updated algorithms to identify shrimp size, water color, wasted food, etc which are input to adjust the food amount appropriate for demand and pond environment at the moment.
Edge computing
With respect to cutting-edge equations, IoT devices move data to smaller area (edge computer). This micro-computer will execute programs and process data beforetransferringto central cloud for updating model inversion at the edge device.
Big Data

Big data is originated from on-top corporations to analyze and present optimized shrimp raising process.

Artificial Intelligence

Used for alerting environmental parameters, growth rate, etc.



60,000,000.00 VND

  • 1 pond
  • Remote control by mobile devices
  • Set up automatic program
  • Auto alert emergencies
  • Support 24/7

Automation Box 3

170,000,000.00 VND

  • 3 ponds
  • Remote control by mobile devices
  • Set up automatic program
  • Auto alert emergencies
  • Support 24/7

Automation Box 5

275,000,000.00 VND

  • 5 ponds
  • Remote control by mobile devices
  • Set up automatic program
  • Auto alert emergencies
  • Support 24/7

Farm Management System

Shrimp Farm Management System - The system focuses on the following functions to give you the most useful yet for the shrimp farming process
- Management of farming areas

- Diary of the number of ponds

- Task recording

- Device control

- Management of materials

- Smart reporting


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